Lalpur cart-wheel industries facing extinction

Published : 02 Apr 2021 09:23 PM

The cart-wheel industries of Lalpur are on the verge of extinction due to decreasing demand of wheels, increase of price of the production-materials and the low sale price.

Hundreds of artisans of the upazila have already abandoned their paternal profession of cart wheel making and adopted other professions.

Buffalo carts and Bullock carts have been bearing thousands of years of legacy in rural Bangladesh. The Batiali songs sung by bullock-cart drivers (Garoan) are now only a pst memory of the elderly people.

Visiting of farmers’ with sickles at teir hands towards the ripened paddy field early in the morning during the late autumn and their joyful returning home with a cartful of harvested paddy is no more seen in the rural areas now-a-days. Even, carrying a newly wed bride and bridegroom on a decorated bullock cart through the muddy rural walkway is only an imagination now-a-days. 

The bullock and buffalo carts have been replaced by tractors, harvesters, trucks, microbuses and buses.