Laguna Stand on slope of Makturpur Bridge hampers traffic movement

Published : 07 Nov 2023 08:18 PM | Updated : 07 Nov 2023 08:18 PM

An illegal leguna stand adjacent to Muktarpur bridge is causing huge traffic congestion at the bridge site of Munshiganj.

It is learnt, the legunas named 'Buriganga' running on Narayanganj-Mushiganj route are kept disordely elsewhere at the slope of Muktarpur bridge. These legunas create obstacles in the movement of heavy trucks, pick-ups and buses through the Muktarpur bridge. Instead of  moving directly on the road, these vehicles have to move by taking a right turn from the 'weighing station'. Such a turn of the vehicles is damaging the road and there is apperehension of major accident anytime. Despite the repeated actions to shift the leguna stand by Muktarpur Bridge authority, the leguna owners and the drivers remain reluctant to move the stand from beside the slope of the bridge. 

Shopkeepers next to the leguna stand informed, in absense of the movement of heavy vehicles through the roads, there are frequent road accidents and the movement of passengers is also being disrupted.  

Daily office-passengers Mahbub and Nurul Amin informed, there is huge chaos and noise of cars and legunas on the slope of the Muktarpur bridge. No where can be seen such illegal and noisy leguna and CNG stand in the country.  

Muktarpur Leguna Stand in-charge Sentu Mia said that permission was not taken from any authority for this leguna stand. He claimed, there is no problem in movement of vehicles due to this stand. Heavy vehicles always travel by turning right that is why leguna stand is not causing any problem for those vehicles.  

Leguna drivers and owners informed they are using the slope of this bridge as a stand since there is no designated stand for their Legunas.

Bhogdad Mia, who manages the movement of legunas on the Muktarpur Narayanganj route said soil has been filled up for the leguna stand on the east side. The place is actually abandoned and full of garbage. They will  clean the place and put their legunas there. But, the weighing scale nearby is a problem for shifting the stand, he added. 

Muktarpur Bridge Site Office Assistant Engineer Mahbubur Rahman said, the owners of the Legunas have been asked several times to remove the stand and they also shifted the stand several times from the present location but after a few days, they reshift the stand here again.  The higher authorities have been informed about the illegal stand at the bridge site and they would start action in this connection soon.