Lack of rain badly affects paddy farming in Sharankhola

Published : 03 Aug 2022 08:33 PM | Updated : 03 Aug 2022 08:33 PM

Due to non-rainfall in Sharankhola of Bagerhat, aman cultivation is severely disrupted due to lack of water even at the end of the season. Due to the lack of water in different areas of the upazila, the farmers irrigated the seed beds with the help of machines, but most of the seed beds are drying up due to the intense heat of the past few days. In some places, the amount of salinity has also increased. As a result, Aman farming is in a lot of uncertainty this year.

Various fields of four unions of the upazila were visited and found that there is no canal connection with many sluice gates of the Water Development Board. Due to which sufficient water is not able to flow through the sluicegate. As a result, the field has dried up after several days of intense heat. Aman's seedbeds have dried up and faded due to lack of water. In many places, the field has been torn apart. In this situation, farmers are worried about Aman cultivation.

Abu Said, a farmer and madrasa teacher of North Tafalbari village of Rayenda Union of Upazila, Dulal Chaprashi of South Rajapur village, Sarat Mandal, Mannan Howladar and Salam Howladar, farmers of Chaulabunia village of Southkhali Union, said that due to lack of water, their seed bed has dried up and faded. Due to lack of rain, the seeds cannot be planted. Jahangir Hossain, a UP member of Sonatala village and Sakhawat Fakir, a farmer, said that every year at such a time, their aman seeds are planted. But at present, due to lack of rain in his area, the fields have dried up and become dry. Many could not plant seeds. What the two are doing has dried up and faded due to lack of water and intense heat. The situation is the same in Khuriakhali, Bakultala, North Southkhali, South Southkhali, North Tafalbari villages of that union. Khuriakhali UP member Md. Bachchu Munshi said that even though there is a sluice gate in his area, the village cannot be cultivated even by bringing water from the river. So this year their Aman farming has become uncertain.

Upazila Sadar Rayenda UP Chairman and Upazila Awami League President Ajmal Hossain Mukta said that farming is being disrupted in his union's North Rajapur, Malia, North Tafalbari, Lakurtala, Chalrayenda villages due to dry fields. Those who built the seedbed also withered. Dhansagar UP Chairman Mainul Islam Tipu said that his union is a bit higher and saltier than other areas. So you have to depend on Bishti. But due to less rain this year, the farmers are facing serious problems in their cultivation. Khontakata UP Chairman Zakir Hossain Khan Mohiuddin said that in his union's Bidhansagar, East Khontakata, Middle Khontakata, Baniakhali areas, no one is able to cultivate due to the drying up of the fields.

In this regard, upazila agricultural worker Debbrat Sarkar said that the farmers are being advised by the agriculture department on what to do to protect the seed bed. As the people of this area have no irrigation system of their own. Besides, there is some salinity in the soil. So farmers have no choice but to rely on rain. However, keeping in mind the issue of non-rainfall, efforts are being made to create interest in cultivating rabishasha mustard or short-lived rice to offset the loss of the farmers.