Lack of parking space cripples Sylhet traffic

Published : 12 Dec 2022 08:21 PM

Sylhet city has become a metropolis. The size of the area has increased, and the number of people is increasing. At the same time, traffic congestion is increasing. Nevertheless, the road is not increasing. However, the vehicle pressure is constantly increasing on the roads of the metropolis.

The administration has to struggle to handle the traffic jam in Sylhet metropolis. In addition, one of the major reasons for these traffic jams is the ubiquitous street parking.

There are public and private schools and colleges along the road in different areas of Sylhet metropolis. The traffic congestion is increasing due to the parking of private cars in front of them. This situation reaches its peak when these schools and colleges start and end. Traffic on the road came to a standstill. City dwellers and pedestrians suffer the most. There is no action from the police to prevent this illegal parking. These school-college authorities also have no initiative. Like a city without guardians.

On the other hand, there is a tug-of-war between the police and the city corporation over this mismanagement. Common people are suffering from their mismanagement.

Different areas of the metropolis can be seen - many educational institutions have been established along the road. These include several educational institutions including VidyaNiketan in the Madina Market area, Scholars Home in Pathantula, AnandNiketan in Subidbazar, Agragami in Zindabazar, ShahjalalJamiaIslamia School and College in Mirabazar, Greenhill State College in Shibganj and Scholars Home in ShahiEidgah. But these educational institutions do not have a parking system.

The victims said that the parents of the students parked their cars on the road for several kilometers in front of these schools and colleges. Most of the students of these elite schools and colleges bring their private cars. The driver waits for the students by leaving the car on the school road. And this causes traffic jams on the roads of these areas. The traffic jams can last for hours, especially after school.

Some of the pedestrians complained that these roads are already small, due to the parking of these cars, there is a traffic jam on various roads from morning till noon. Illegal parking in front of schools but never seen traffic police taking any action.

When the authorities of AnandNiketan School and Scholars Home School were contacted in this regard, the phone was found to be switched off.

Acknowledging that traffic congestion is intensifying due to the parking of cars in front of the school, outgoing Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Faisal Mahmud said that it is the responsibility of the City Corporation to arrange parking in the metropolis. City Corporation will arrange parking at designated places and people will keep their cars at that places. Then traffic police will take action if no one uses that parking.

City Corporation Mayor ArifulHaque Chowdhury could not be reached on the phone to talk about this.