‘Laccha Semai’ worth Tk 200 cr to be sold this Year

Published : 19 Apr 2023 09:37 PM

Entertaining guests with 'Lachcha Semai', a traditional sweetmeat on Eid has now become a tradition. Semai is cooked in the homes of both the rich and the poor all over the country on the day of Eid. Semai is also going as a gift to relatives' houses along with entertaining guests. This delicious semai has become popular with the people of Northern region including Bogura for almost hundred years. Bogura’s Semai is appreciated all over the country.

Semai is associated with sharing joy and Bengali tradition. This sweet food is now everyone's favorite for various festivals including Eid and for entertaining guests for breakfast. Meanwhile, Lachcha Semai of Bogura is also going to different countries of the Middle East for the welfare of businessmen. Being loved by people of all ages from all walks of life, the demand is increasing every year, along with the number of Semai making factories. Traders believe that more than 200 crores of Tk will be sold this Eid.

It is known that in the thirties and forties, this Semai came into vogue in Bogura from Calcutta. Late Akbar Ali, the founder of the century-old traditional Akbaria Hotel, built the first 'Lachcha Semai' in Bogra during the British period. After that, more than 200 small and big factories for making Laccha Semai have been established in the district gradually focusing on the needs of the country. Different companies like Shyamoli in Bogura, Asia Sweetmeat, Roshan Ali Food, Islamiya, Dhaka Bakery make Semai. During the Eid festival, thousands of tons of laccha semai are supplied from various factories including Bogra city to the capital and other big cities of the country. Like every year, Laccha Semai is being prepared in the factories on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr from the beginning of fasting. Semai is fried with soyabean, dalda and ghee by processing the flour in a special method. It is then packed and sent to the market for sale. 140 to 1000 taka per kg Semai retail and wholesale. Because of its quality and taste, Bogura’s Laccha Semai is going all over the country.

Talking to people of various professions in Bogra, it is known that Laccha Semai is now mixed with the joy of Eid. The joy of Eid is not complete without this Semai of Bogura. So Semai is sent as a gift to relatives along with guests.

Arifuzzaman Arif, the proprietor of Roshan Ali Group, said, "We make Semai in a healthy way, Bogrura’s Semai is going all over the country and outside the country to meet the needs of the district.

Akbaria Group Chairman Hasan Ali Alal said, "My father, late Alhaj Akbar Ali Mia, was the first to make laccha semai in Barind region, so I always want to be the first in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, tradition and widespread response from the people." Akbaria Laccha Semai is the best joy of Eid. We are making several types of laccha Semai considering the different taste of rasana and according to the purchasing power of people of different classes.

Mafuzul Islam Raj, vice president of Bogura Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that Bogura’s Semai is famous all over the country, Lachcha Semai is the center of business, every year, business expands and many people get employment. This business leader said that 200 crore rupees are sold during Eid alone. Meanwhile, on the occasion of Eid, laccha semai sales have accumulated, shops are crowded, but this Semai is sold throughout the year.