Kuwait suspends flights from 31 countries

Kuwait's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has suspended flights from 31 countries on the day it resumed commercial operations.

Kuwait's DGCA announced plans to restart operations on a three-phase basis, with operating capacity not exceeding 30 percent "in line with health requirements” in the first phase.

The announcement was based on advice from the country's health authorities, aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 virus.

Kuwait's DGCA said the countries where flights are suspended from include: India, Iran, China, Brazil, Columbia, Armenia, Bangladesh, Syria, Spain, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Mexico, Indonesia, Chile, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Italy, North Macedonia, Moldova, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Montenegro, Dominican Republic and Kosovo.

Meanwhile, in a message from Bangladesh Biman last week, it was said that the Dhaka-Kuwait-Dhaka route will start operating in Kuwait once a week from August. However, on the first day of August, the Kuwaiti government made such an announcement. The decision was taken because these countries are at high risk for coronavirus, according to Kuwaiti authorities.

More than 69,000 people have been infected with COVID-19 in Kuwait and 400 have died so far.