Kurigram plunged in severe cold

Cold severity is increasing every day across Kurigram district. The sun seems to peep through at noon but only for a brief amount of time while, sunrays are hardly seen throughout the day. Surrounding areas are absorbed in dense fog for the whole day, interrupting day-to-day activities severely. Marginal people are the ones suffering most in this condition.

According to weather observation office Rajarhat, Kurigram the temperature was recorded as 9.8 degree Celsius on Thursday and 10 degree Celsius on Friday morning in the district. Limited movements of light vehicles like rickshaws and battery run auto rickshaws are seen in the town. However, there are hardly any passengers seen on the road. Vehicles are operating on the road keeping their head lights on. 

Agro based day labors and people with low-income are facing great troubles. The workers’ presence is very low in the agro fields.

There are 16 rivers running through the district. People living at river basin are enduring severe cold. The sufferings of the children and elders are tremendous in particular.  Kalidas 62, a resident of Majheepara area under Mughal Basa union in Ulipur Upazila on the Dharla river protection embankment said to the correspondent that, they could not manage adequate meals everyday let alone warm clothes for family members.

There are a hundred and fifty families living on the river protection embankment. Women, children and the elders were found basking beside the bush fire to protect them from the bitter cold.

Weather Observer of Kurigram office Sunil Kumer said a mild cold wave is sweeping over the district for the last two days. The weather condition will improve from the 21st of this month. DC of Kurigram Sultana Pervin said 51 thousand and five hundred blankets were sent to the upazilas.