‘Kuli Sarder’Ashraf Ali now solvent farmer in Jhenidah

Published : 07 Sep 2019 01:01 AM | Updated : 01 Sep 2020 01:25 AM

When thousands of youths have been passing theirtime with uncertainty for want of suitable job, a young man of Kaliganj college para in Jhenidah has changed his life style rearing duck at his village. The man Ashraf Ali, who had been leading life as a kuli Sarder, widely known as a day labourer at Kaliganj for last 30 years, now becomes a role model for other unemployed youths in the area.

 Ashraf Ali said he had been leading his life as a Kuli Sarder(day labourer) in the local markets and running the family with inadequate food a day.As he was growing elder and feeling physical weakness, day by day, he decided to change the profession. 

Suddenly, he watched a television program where success of a poor farmer was telecasted. Being inspired, he made two shades with golpata and constructed a bamboo platform. He purchased 300 pieces of one-day aged Belgium variety of duck-chicks at Tk 100 each. 

Within a few weeks, he also purchased another 400 pieces of Khaki Cambel variety of chicks at Tk 30 from Chatmohar of Pabna. He said some of the chicks have died of diseases. The ducks started giving eggs within few months. His better half Nargis Begum plays vital role in taking care of the birds and selling the eggs to local customers and maintains the accounts with her. 

Talking to this correspondent, the farmer stated how he was passing hard days almost without food as the job was temporary. But the duck farming has changed his lot within two and half year . Now he is earning Tk above one lakh spending Tk 60 thousands forfood, medicine and maintenance purposes. He along with the family members consume the eggs as much as they can, and sales the same with cash money. A number of unemployed youths were encouraged to start the duck farm in the locality and earning money. “I have taken eight bighas of land in the jheel water for five years. 

I have already paid the money which I took as loan. Now, I am depositing money at a local bank forthe future of my family’Ashraf Ali added. Ashraf Ali’s wife Nargis Begum said she releases the ducks from the her shades early in the morning and they start moving on the jheel water near her house. The hungry birds return to the shades when the house ownerinvites them forfood in time. The sound of the innocent birds satisfies her and her two children have been studying in secondary educational institutions.

 “I feel happy and proud when they arrive before me for food in a body”, Nargis Begum said. The house wife said two bighas of land out of leased eight bighas have been ensuring their yearly rice demand, she informed. KaliganjUpazila LivestockOfficer Atiquzzaman said he and the field staff of the department visited the duck farm of Ashraf Ali and gave suggestion on the protection of the birds. 

He also said that the farmers might play role in meeting the protein demand of the people in the locality as well as other areas. The duck farm is a beacon forthe unemployed youths, both female and male throughout the country. The women might do better in farming duck alongside of rheir household works for their own interest, ULO said

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