Kuakata tourist centres reopen today

Tourism-dependent businessmen prepared to start afresh

Published : 18 Aug 2021 08:13 PM

The gates of the tourist city Kuakata, which is famously known as the land of sunrise and sunset, are being opened for tourists today (Thursday). The tourist city of Kuakata in Patuakhali district is finally ready to welcome the tourists.

Previously, tourists could not arrive in Kuakata alike all other tourist destinations of the country, due to the ban on tourism to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection. 

Tourist dependent traders had already started preparations to start their businesses afresh. The owners of the hotels and motels have decorated the hotels newly with the announcement of opening a limited number of tourist centers.

Traders of businesses adjacent to the beach have filled up their stalls with newer goods. Tourism-dependent traders are hoping to overcome the setbacks of the Corona period. 

The district administration had banned the gathering of tourists in Kuakata from last April 1. Since then, the whole of Kuakata has been devoid of tourists. The tourism industry was struck again at the decision. 

After that, the hotels and motels are reopening following a closure of 139 days. As a result, there is now a sigh of relief among the tourism dependent businessmen.

Traders near Kuakata beach are waiting for the crisis to subside. Bench rental owners and photographers are again preparing for the new venture. The Rakhine Women's Market and the markets adjacent to the beach have been closed for a long time. 

Meanwhile, the tourism-dependent traders are hoping to make up for the loss caused by the closure of shops for a long time. 

Visiting on spot it was seen that the main tourist attraction of Kuakata the Rakhain Women’s handicraft market has started preparations as well. Rakhine womens were seen cleaning their handlooms. Their shops were being cleaned to sell their handloom products again. 

Traders were seen installing chairs and umbrellas on the beach and the beach photographers are again walking around the beach in yellow clothes with cameras on their shoulders.

Beach photographer Md Mostafiz said, “I have spent so many days in hardship with my family. Tourists will come, so we are seeing a new light of hope again”. 

Kuakata pickle trader Md Al-Amin said that as a result of the closure of the tourist center, many of the goods kept at the shop have rot while others have been left away inside the shop for a long time. Nowhe is cleaning and decorating the shop afresh. 

Kuakata Confidence Tourism’s Managing Director Md Saidur Rahman said thousands of traders are waiting to recover the financial crisis of the corona period, as the tourist spots of Kuakata are being reopened.

Motaleb Sharif, General Secretary of the Kuakata Hotel-Motel Owners Association, said they would manage the hotels in accordance with the government's guidelines and hygiene rules.