Kuakata beach abuzz with rush of tourists

Published : 19 Aug 2022 08:32 PM

Thousands of tourists flocked to Patuakhali's Kuakata beach ignoring the hostile weather. Kuakata, known as the ocean girl of southern region, became packed with tourists from Thursday (August 18) afternoon due to Janmashtami and weekend holidays. Patuakhali's Kuakata beach is now filled with tourists. Apart from this, tourists are present in all tourist spots including Elisha Park, Eco Park, Buddhist Vihar and Rakhine Market. 

Tourists started coming to Kuakata from last Thursday for a three-day consecutive holiday. Tourists are enjoying their holiday by taking pictures on the beach, frolicking in the sand, chatting and soaking in the salt water. 90% of the rooms of all the residential hotels and motels in Kuakata are booked due to the arrival of tourists. The tourist police are in a strict position for the overall security of the tourists.

It has been seen that the tourists coming from different parts of the country are enjoying themselves by floating in the sea with the waves. As well as bathing in the sea, some sink their feet into the sand of the beach and lose themselves in a different sense of joy. Some are taking selfies on their smartphones and sharing them on social media.

Due to the development of communication system, good facilities of hotels and motels, thousands of tourists and visitors have gathered in Kuakata this year. There was a lot of surveillance by the administration to ensure the safety of these tourists.

Fahim Faisal, an engineer from Dhaka who reached Kuakata on Friday noon, said that he came to Kuakata with his wife to enjoy the scenic beauty of this natural wonder. It is rare to see nature up close. Everything in this place is beautiful. He during the interview expressed his wish to see the wonderful view of sunset.

Sankor Mondol, Habibur Rahman, a tourist from Dhaka said, I came to Kuakata with my colleague’s yesterday morning. I am very happy. The atmosphere is great. But some places seemed unclean. If those places are cleaned, everyone will like this beach.'

Ranjan Bala, another tourist from Dhaka said, 'The big waves of the sea are crashing on the beach, this scene made me feel better. I saw erosion going on in different places. We are demanding the administration to take measures to prevent erosion.

Managing Director of Samudra Bari Resort Zahirul Islam Miron said, 20 days ago all our rooms have been booked in advance. Many tourists have been turned away due to low capacity. But we are working to increase the room.

Kuakata Hotel-Motel Owners Association General Secretary MA Motaleb Sharif said that there is a rush of tourists due to the three-day holiday. Tourists find it difficult to cope with the pressure of long vacations. We try to provide maximum service during the rest of the time.

Inspector of Tourist Police Kuakata Zone Hasnain Parvez told Bangladesh Post that additional security measures have been strengthened at various tourist spots by the Tourist Police for the safety of tourists. Apart from this, the navy police and the police station are also active in the field along with the policemen in plain clothes.