Krishak League men reap paddy for Pakundia farmers

Leaders and activists of Pakundia upazila and Pouro Krishak League cut the paddy of Nizam Uddin and Ripon Mia, farmers of Kurtala village in Pakundia upazila of Kishoreganj district.

On Wednesday (April 29) morning, a 20-member team of Upazila Krishak League cut the paddy. Upazila Krishak League President Advocate Abdul Awal, General Secretary Iqbal Hasan Selim, Office Secretary Sabuj Mia, Poura Krishak League President Bazlur Rahman and other leaders of the Upazila and Pouro  Krishak League were present at that time.

Farmer Ripon said that even after the paddy of his land was ripe, he was not getting workers to cut the paddy. In this difficult times, the Krishak League came forward and cut the paddy of his land.  He expressed his gratitude to them for this. 

Iqbal Hasan Selim, general secretary of the Upazila Krishak League said that, no paddy workers came to the area from outside the upazila to maintain physical distance due to the corona virus. 

That is the reason why the paddy farmers of the upazila have gone bankrupt. Adv. Abdul Awal, president of the Upazila Krishka League said that, if the farmers in Pakundia Upazila who are not able to harvest their paddy on the instructions of the district Krishka League, the members of the Krishak League will go and cut their paddy and take it home. 

He also said that Pakundia Upazila Krishka League would cut the paddy of the farmers from the field till the ripe paddy of the farmers reaches the house.