KPJ Healthcare Berhad: A leading private healthcare services provider in Malaysia

Published : 17 May 2024 07:31 PM

In the heart of Malaysia’s healthcare landscape stands KPJ Healthcare Berhad (“KPJ Healthcare”), one of the leading providers of private healthcare services in the country.

With a proud legacy of excellence spanning over four decades, KPJ Healthcare operates a network of 29 Specialist Hospitals, 2 Ambulatory Care Centres, and 2 Senior & Assisted Living Care Centres, extending its healing touch nationwide.

Our influence extends beyond borders, with a footprint in countries like Thailand and Bangladesh, uniting communities through compassionate care. Every year, KPJ Healthcare’s dedicated workforce of over 16,000 employees, including  its close to 1,300 medical consultants, transforms lives by attending to over 3.3 million patients.

Our commitment to nurturing talent is epitomised via its education arm, KPJ Healthcare University (KPJU) in Negeri Sembilan, offering a spectrum of nearly 40 programmes from Foundation to PhD levels.

KPJU fuels our expansion strategies, ensuring a ready pool of skilled professionals ready to uphold our standards of excellence. KPJ Healthcare is not just a healthcare provider; we are stewards of sustainability, integrating economic growth with social and environmental responsibility. Our 'Care for Life' ethos extends

beyond traditional boundaries.

We manage Klinik Waqaf An-Nur (KWAN), delivering quality healthcare, including dialysis services and mobile clinics, to underserved communities. We don’t just talk about care; we live it, making a tangible impact where it’s needed most.

As advocates of patient-centric care, KPJ Healthcare proudly boasts 4 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals and 19 Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) accredited hospitals. These accolades affirm our unwavering commitment to excellence and quality, ensuring every patient receives world-class treatment and compassion.