Kornia gets married

Kornia, the famous singer and musician, got married to Nabil. They got married last Monday (July 27). The good news came from Kornia herself.

She said, “Nabil and I met while singing. Then we got closer and our relationship became good. I decided to get married when I thought we could live with each other for the rest of our lives.”

After informing the two families, they decided to get engaged in early March. But because of Corona, all plans changed. Last July 27, they got married in presence of both families.

The singer also said that if Corona’s situation is normal, she will have a lavish wedding ceremony with friends and relatives.

Nabil is the founder of SS Band. He has been doing music with Kornia for a long time. He has also worked with several bands, including Arc and Prometheus.

In 2012, Kornia was introduced as a runner-up in Channel Nine’s ‘Power Voice’ singing competition. After that she is singing regularly. She has sung several songs in audio and playback.