Kona, Belal collaborate for movie title song

At the beginning of the new year, popular singer Dilshad Nahar Kona and National Film Award winning composer Belal Khan sang together in a movie title song. Kona-Belal sang the title song of the movie 'Duijan Duijan' directed by Kamal Sarkar. The song was written by the film director Kamal Sarkar himself. The melody of the song is composed by A. Rahman Bablu.

Speaking about giving voice to this romantic song, Kona said, "After a while, I sang with Belal Khan in a movie. 

Duijan Duijan is quite a melodic song. I really like the lyrics and the music. The audience will love the song.'

Belal Khan said, ‘The beginning of the new year is the beginning of a wonderful song. Kona has been playing well since the beginning of the new year. 

The lyrics are very simple, very nice. Me and Kona tried to sing the song with great compassion. 

Let's see what happens after the movie is released. Hopefully something good will happen. Kona and Belal Khan last sanf together in the movie 'Sonarchan’. 

The first song sung by Kona to the tune of Belal Khan was 'Kagajer Nao'.

On January 21, Belal Khan will perform a stage show in the capital. Kona has already performed two stage shows in Cox's Bazar. 

Meanwhile, Kona and Imran's cover song 'Nishithe Jaio Phulbane' has been released on YouTube.