Knitwear, jute export earnings soar

Devise measures to sustain the growth

In the midst of the pandemic, when businesses globally are suffering huge losses, our country’s jute and knitwear export earnings are on the rise. With the Covid-19 jabs rolled out in most parts of the world, the situation is now getting under a bit of control and our jute, knitwear exporters are getting new orders every day.

According to a news published in this daily on Thursday, earnings from knitwear, jute, and jute goods exports maintained steady growth in February. Of the earnings from the apparel export, $11, 341.76 million came from the knitwear shipment, which was up 4.06 percent. Earnings from jute and jute products witnessed a 23.67 percent up to $862.74 million year-on-year in February.

To make the export sustainable, 

applications of jute yarn have to 

increase by being competitive in prices

These are pretty impressive figures to say the least and the upward trend of higher export in these sectors should continue. For that to happen, government and businesses should sit and setup policies. 

We know that the volume of shipments of jute products augmented but the extent of growth was not as much as the rise in growth value. The degree of growth has been very lower than the rise in value of exports. The export value has mainly risen because of the higher price of raw jute. To make the export sustainable, applications of jute yarn have to increase by being competitive in prices. 

Meanwhile, the export order flow in the knitwear products is also better. However, the buyers are not placing conventional bulk orders like before. Small quantity orders are now more common and they are mostly focused on e-commerce sales due to the pandemic. In the current context, the exporters should think of changing the manufacturing design as the future marketplace is online.