Kishoreganj town becoming unlivable

Published : 15 Feb 2022 01:12 AM | Updated : 15 Feb 2022 02:23 PM
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The busiest road in Kishoreganj district town is not occupied by footpaths, but it is occupied by illegal parking and roadside shops. Traffic jams, unauthorised parking in the heart of the city, drains open and closed without lids, no proper waste management, no beautification of the city, no dustbins in many places is just a daily scene for the locals of Kishoreganj town. Public toilets are places where people travel rarely; there is no initiative to create awareness. Kishoreganj is even in the 10th place in the list of polluted cities in Bangladesh. If this situation continues in a city, everyone will turn away from this region in the near future.

In the whole country where Kishoreganj is rich with history and culture, people from other districts come and express their negative attitude after seeing the condition of this town. Citizens are being deprived of civic services even if they pay their taxes on time.  The busiest area of the city is about 5km from the Ekrampur road to Gaital bus stand. Every morning, working people go out in search of livelihood, students go in groups for school and college. But the road is not smooth for people to walk on. Because there is no way to walk on the side of the road, people are walking along the road, they are walking on the side of the car and people walk on the side of the road at the risk of their lives and this is why small accidents happen all the time.

Locals said, "We have no choice but to change the practice collectively, without considering everything as a matter of political expediency. We have to come out of it and raise all the issues, including the civil problems, and the municipal authorities must solve the civil problems in any way." They said that the city needs to be reorganized by formulating plans through urbanization. A prominent businessman from Kishoreganj, who did not want to be named, said that the current situation and civic service of this 1st class municipality of the country is very fragile. People are being forced to walk on the main road dangerously due to the illegal small shrines rented from seasonal hawkers and traders by blocking the sidewalks. As a result, traffic congestion is now a daily occurrence in the city, and the traffic police have to work hard to control it. Kishoreganj has become a garbage town due to the use of illegal three wheelers. Illegal vehicles all around, illegal stands, illegal peddlers, foul smelling drains are the common scene for people of Kishoreganj. The whole of Bangladesh today is on the highway of development and why the connecting roads for Kishoreganj district is going to the opposite way. Supervision of the work of municipal workers is not noticeable. 

Talking to locals after visiting different wards, it is learned that daily piles of garbage are dumped on the banks of the river. Dirt from homes or markets is dumped everywhere. For the construction of unplanned multi-storied buildings, the ponds are filled at night. The line of the toilet tank is given directly to the municipal drain. There are thousands of such complaints against the municipality. The soul of this city must be brought out of the list of scandals. We have to make it livable. 

Kishoreganj Municipality Mayor Md Parvez Mia was contacted repeatedly but could not be reached for comment.

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