Kishoreganj market glutted with fishes with roe

Published : 21 May 2022 08:17 PM

New water has come to the rivers, haors and canals of Kishoreganj, which is known as the largest and fishing reservoir of the country. As soon as the water came, the fishermen went down to catch fish. 

They are fishing with various forbidden nets. However, if the local administration does not take effective steps to stop the killing of these egg-laying fish, experts believe that there may be a major crisis in fish production in Kishoreganj in the coming days.

It has been learned that fishes carrying eggs are being caught in various ways in one of the haor areas, rivers and canals of the country comprising 13 upazilas of Kishoreganj district. 

There is a class of unscrupulous fishermen at different points of the river, hoar, canal and bill who sells fish in the market day and night with various fishing gear including badai and current nets but no one is seen.

In the last few days, Kishoreganj Sadar, Karimganj, Itna, Mithamin, Austagram, Tarail, Katiadi, Pakundia, Bhairab Upazila rivers, haors and canals have been flooded with water. Puti, Batashi, Tangra, Shoal, Magur and various native species of mother fish with eggs are being sold openly.

According to the local fisheries office, the mother fish usually lay eggs in June-July. As soon as new water starts coming, the fish start hatching. 

At this time fishing is absolutely forbidden. Under the Fisheries Act of 1950, hunting of eggs and mother fish is legally prohibited. 

But as soon as the water came, the fishermen went down to hunt fish. The fishermen are caught in the net and the eggs are being destroyed.

It has been learned that Tengra is being sold at Tk 400 per kg, Batasi at Tk 700, Mola at Tk 600, Boal fish at Tk 1,000 and Cat fish at Tk 400 in different fish markets of Kishoreganj. 13 upazilas have fishing sanctuaries. 

But at different points, mother fish is being caught with different materials including badai, current, dry net. Egg-rich Tengra, Batasi, Roau, Mrigel, Ghania, Kalbaus, Carp, Magur, Shoal, Putti, Sarputi, Mola, Boal, Taki, Cat fish and other native species of mother fish are being killed openly by a class of unscrupulous fishermen and traders.

District Fisheries Officer Agriculturist Ripon Kumar Paul said some unscrupulous fishermen were catching mother fish due to the influx of fresh water into rivers, haors and canals. We will start the expedition after miking first. 

I have already conducted a campaign in the fish yard of Bhairab upazila and fined them. He also mentioned that there is no alternative to protect mother fish.