Kishoreganj Horticulture Centre a boon for farmers

Published : 10 Dec 2020 08:21 PM | Updated : 11 Dec 2020 09:59 AM

Kishoreganj Horticulture Center has turned into a big place of hope for the farmers and tree lovers of Kishoreganj.

The Horticulture Center have won the hearts of all with faith and trust. Many farmers of the area have been supported by the Horticulture Center with hundreds of local and foreign fruits, flowers and seedlings of medicinal plants at low prices.

Mango, Cashew Nuts, Egyptian Figs, Avocados, Coffee, Thai Coconut, Arbarai, Dates, Olives, Chalta, Tamarind, Latkan, Karamcha, Mahua, Malta Bari-1, Katbel, Amra, Corn meal, Jackfruit, Litchi, Kamranga, Guava, betel nut and other local and foreign species of fruit trees can be found in this horticulture center, located in Gaital area of  Kishoreganj town.

The center has been known to the people of the area for many years. There are 25 species of fruit cuttings, of which there are 12 different varieties of mango, 25 species of flower and ornamental growth, 32 species of fruit seedlings, 5 species of winter and summer vegetables, 2 species of spices and 6 species of medicinal plants.

However, the collection of fruit trees of this center has responded to the local farmers. Not only saplings, farmers are also given hands-on training in modern technology in this center.

According to sources, Abu Bakar Siddique of Bhadrapara village in Mohinanda union of Kishoreganj Sadar upazila and Sanjit Kumar Naha of Bhaskarkhila village in the same union have become self-sufficient by taking fruit saplings of different species and training from the horticulture center. The amount of profit they got has been more than lakhs. But behind their self-reliance is the story of hard work.

Kishoreganj Horticulture Center Deputy Director Abu Adnan said the horticulture center is playing an important role in meeting the demand of tree saplings to the farmers of the district. The number of people interested in cultivating fruits in the district is increasing day by day due to the availability of varied low cost seedlings here.

No adulterated saplings are given from this institution. The seedlings of the species that goes to the farmer are of high quality. Due to which they get good quality fruits. Moreover, they are given training from time to time and various kinds of agricultural assistance, he added.