Kishoreganj Free Day today!

Published : 16 Dec 2022 09:07 PM

On December 16, 1971, the Pakistani flag was still flying on the ground of Kishoreganj when the whole country was flooding with the joy of victory. The flag of independent Bangladesh was flying from house to house and the people of Kishoreganj had an unknown fear even that day. The control of the city was in the hands of the native Razakar-Albadr and Al Shams forces, second to the invading forces. The next day, on December 17, Kishoreganj was freed from the invaders.

Terrified by the heavy attack of the freedom fighters, the Pakistani army fled Kishoreganj on 4 December. But their friends Razakar-Albadar made Kishoreganj invaded by Pakistan by flying the Pakistani flag in the town. Under the leadership of Maulana Athar Ali, Maulana Musleh Uddin, Professor Mahtab Uddin etc., Kishoreganj was the stronghold of Razakar-Albadar-Alshams. From December 14, the freedom fighters surrounded Kishoreganj Sadar Police Station from all sides.

However, under the leadership of Kabir Uddin Ahmed, the company commander during the Liberation War, the Mukti Bahini took a strong position from the evening of December 16, surrounding the city of Kishoreganj from all sides. Late that night, a group of freedom fighters led by Kabir Uddin Ahmed came from Karimganj to Satal area on the outskirts of Kishoreganj city.

Seeing the dire situation, Zia Uddin Ahmed Azim Uddin High School's Professor Zia Uddin sent word that he would surrender to the freedom fighters through Helal Uddin, the then Headmaster of Azim Uddin High School. On the morning of December 17, an armed group of freedom fighters led by freedom fighter Kabir Uddin Ahmed entered Kishoreganj for the first time in an open jeep.

Another group led by Hannan Molla, Chhabbir Ahmed Manik, Anwar Kamal, while entering Kishoreganj through the south-west region of the city, faced obstacles from the Albadars in Kamaliachar and Khilpara areas. Crossing the barrier, this group also entered Kishoreganj.

Later, Guerrilla Liberation Army led by Indian Allied Forces Captain Chauhan entered Kishoreganj town from different directions. The anti-independence Razakar-Albadar forces surrendered to the freedom fighters at the Islamia dormitory ground adjacent to the old Thana Shahidi Mosque of the city.

After this, the image of the town changed. In the joy of victory, Matovara became all around. The Pakistani flag was lowered and the red flag of independent sovereign beloved Bangladesh was flown in the sky of Kishoreganj. The free sky of independent Kishoreganj vibrated with the sound of freedom fighters, allied forces and people's joy, joy and the realization of the eternal dream of freedom.