Kishoreganj fish breeding centre faces various problems

Published : 06 Jun 2020 08:48 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:47 PM

Kishoreganj Government Fisheries Breeding Center is facing manpower crisis. Although the higher authorities have been informed more than once to overcome the manpower crisis, no solution has been found. The Government Fisheries Breeding Center and Training Center  started in 1984 with an area of 13.00 acres.

According to the District Fisheries Office, the Fisheries Diploma Institute was established in Kishoreganj with the dedicated efforts of the Late Syed Ashraful Islam, Former Minister of Public Administration.  Trainees of 2 batches for a period of 4 years are admitted every year. 

 And each batch consists of 50 students. There are 55 people working in 104 approved posts. Fisheries officer posts in Itna, Tarail and Austagram upazilas have been vacant for a long time. Pollen Fry supplies 10 percent of the country's total demand from Kishoreganj. The target for the current year is to produce 6,000 kg of pollen fry.

There are 138 government ponds in the district. There are 33,544 private ponds, 147 canals, 241 beels, 28 rivers, 51 haors, 779 Jalmahals (above 20.00 acres), 152 Jalmahals (below 20.00 acres), 397 fish markets, 236 daily fish markets, 172 weekly fish markets, the demand for fish in the district is 66,328 metric tons, the target for fish in the district is 77,000 metric tons, the production of fish in the district is 78,483 metric tons, the surplus of fish in the district is 12,155 metric tons. Despite being such a prosperous district in fish production, the plight of Kishoreganj district fish breeding center is like a surprise.

It can be seen on the ground that the condition of the banks of the Katiadi fish farm is very bad. The electricity poles are broken. And some of the poles are in disrepair. There are 22 ponds in Kishoreganj Fisheries Breeding Center. The condition of those ponds is also the same.

Kishoreganj, famous for its haor baor, is lagging behind due to invisible reasons and neglect and  manpower crisis, despite playing a leading role in the country's fish industry in fish production. Hatchery and fishery owners are apprehend a big loss if the invisible cause is not solved immediately including resolving the manpower crisis.

District Fisheries Officer Agriculturist Ripon Kumar Pal said the higher authorities have been informed to resolve the manpower crisis. They have assured that the crisis will be resolved soon. Besides, steps will be taken soon to solve various problems of Kishoreganj Government Fisheries Breeding Center and Katiadi Fisheries, the higher authorities said.