Kishoreganj farmers expect good profit from new potato variety

Published : 13 Mar 2021 09:25 PM

This is the first time, high yielding BARI Potato-63 developed by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) has been cultivated in Kishoreganj. 

Agricultural researchers believe that this high quality potato variety will bring good fortune to the farmers of Kishoreganj. 

This variety has been cultivated in Charjamail block in Hossainpur upazila of Kishoreganj. 

Farmers Md Montaz Uddin, Ripon Mia and Nazrul Islam have cultivated this new variety of potato in their 1.5 acres of land and have received bumper yield. 

It has been calculated that the average yield of this potato variety per hectare is about 40 tonnes.

 Its life span is 90 to 95 days. Average yield is 42.29 tonnes per hector. 

From the middle of Bengali month of Kartik to the middle of Agrahayan, is the best time to cultivate potatoes. 

Local farmers said, Dr Mohammad Mohiuddin, a Senior Scientific Officer of Kishoreganj Agricultural Research Sub-Center, inspired them to cultivate this potato and by cultivating this potato they have got a good yield. They hope to see some good profit from this new variety of potato.

Dr Mohammad Mohiuddin said the Agricultural Research Institute and the Department of Agricultural Extension were banning the cultivation of old diamond potato varieties. The diamond variety became disease prone causing farmers to incur losses.

“We are encouraging Bari Potato-41, 47, 53 and 63 cultivation 

everywhere. Among them Bari Potato-63 is of high quality and high yielding. Farmers will benefit economically by cultivating this potato”, he added.