Kishoreganj Farmers expect bumper onion yield

Published : 21 Mar 2022 10:45 PM | Updated : 22 Mar 2022 03:00 PM

Farmers in Kishoreganj are dreaming of bumper yield of onion. Buyers are excited as the price of onion is going up in the country's market. Buyers expect the government to monitor onion prices on the eve of Ramadan. The Department of Agricultural Extension says farmers will see the benefits and ordinary people will get onions at low prices during Ramadan.

Onion farmers have repeatedly suffered losses but this time they are dreaming of profit. Seeing their smiling faces, it is understood that there is an air of joy among them. Agriculture officials are constantly giving advice to the farmers of the district. Assistance is also being provided to the middlemen so that they are not forced to sell onions for less money. 

According to the Department of Agricultural Extension, the target for onion cultivation this year has been set at 815 hectares. 620 hectares have already been planted. The production target has been set at 8,639 metric tons. Almost all agricultural households have onions. Cultivation is expected to increase gradually.

Md Rafiq Mia, a farmer from Mirzapur village of Pakundia upazila, said, "We have cultivated Bari-1 variety of onion in 33 decimal of the land this year. We hope to get good yield. I will be able to see the face of profit by raising the cost. Many times we do not get the right price of onion. I am deprived due to middlemen. That should not be the case. Agriculture is our resource. By doing this we live with our family members.” 

Many farmers in the district said that there is no official system for onion storage. That's why I can't save onions. Many times I am deprived of the right price. When the harvest is over, it has to be scattered in the house. There is no space anywhere on the porch of the house. 

Even onions have to be kept under the bed in the bedroom. We will get the right price if the onion is stored officially. 

Md Saiful Alam, Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension said, we hoped the onion crop would be good this year. We are also making sure that the farmers get the right price. I think onion farmers will make a profit.

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