Kishoreganj district police urge people to follow health rules

Published : 12 Jul 2021 03:33 PM | Updated : 12 Jul 2021 03:33 PM
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Police in Kishoreganj are urging people to follow the health guidelines of hygiene with utmost compassion as the country has been facing a severe lockdown since July 1 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They are working hard in the field to keep the common people at home to prevent Covid-19 infection.

Kishoreganj Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abu Bakar Siddique made these remarks while speaking at a mosque in Sadar upazila of Kishoreganj district.

OC Abu Bakar Siddique said that the number of deaths due to symptoms of Covid-19 is increasing. In this situation, OCs, inspectors (investigation), beat officers and other senior police officials are giving awareness speeches before the Friday prayers at the main mosques of the 13 police stations in the district. In this catastrophe of the nation fighting against Covid-19, the police are changing themselves radically, creating a different image. Police have been a friend of the people. The police are public and the public are the police.

According to the Police Super office, people are being asked to abide by various government rules and regulations in every mosque before Friday prayers, including not going out except emergency, maintaining social distance, avoiding public gatherings and not hanging out in tea stalls. It is also advisable to wash hands frequently with soap, use hand sanitizer and wear a mask to stay clean and tidy. Police officials are urging all citizens to stand by the helpless as much as possible to prevent the epidemic and to test for corona in the nearest hospital without neglecting fever, cold and cough.

Itna Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Murshed Zaman said that everyone should be aware to avoid the horrible scourge of Covid-19. Campaign on the use of mask. People will be safe and secure if they follow the hygiene rules.

Officer-in-charge of Pakundia Police Station Md. Sarwar Jahan said that this horror of Corona is increasing day by day. Big dangers await all if people are not aware.

Superintendent of Police Mashrukur Rahman Khaled BPM (Bar) said the Bangladesh Police has been conducting awareness activities in the country since before the Covid-19 infection started last year. The police are on the side of the people in this epidemic at the risk of their lives. Corona virus infection is currently creating a very critical situation. There is no substitute for awareness to overcome this situation. And the mosque-based campaign continues in every bit of the district police to convey this message seriously to the public and it will continue.