Kishoreganj dairy farmers sustain Tk 50 crore losses

Published : 15 Aug 2022 08:02 PM

Dairy farmers of Kishoreganj have suffered a loss of approximately 50 crore taka due to the increase in the price of cow feed, increase in the price of fuel oil and the lockdown during the Covid-19 period. Farmers are not able to meet this loss. 

Concerned farmers say it will take at least 12 years to recover these losses. Even after counting the losses, the price of milk is not increasing. However, due to the increase in the price of fuel oil and cow feed, the price of milk may go from Tk 80 to Tk 120 per liter, according to economists. The Livestock Department says that around 12,000 farmers including dairy farmers and poultry farmers in Kishoreganj have been given incentives of Tk 15 crore during the Covid-19 period.

Farmers and Dairy Associations said that the price of food grains has increased the most. The price of straw has doubled. Wheat husk is being sold at Tk 1,650 to Tk 2,000 a bag, maize powder at Tk 1,700 a bag, paddy husk at Tk 750 a bag, kheil at Tk 4000 to Tk 5,000 a bag, saffron husk at Tk 1,600 (30 kg) a bag and grass it is being sold for 20 to 30 taka per bundle. On the other hand, cowfeed is one and a half thousand taka per bag. Anchor dal husks have to be bought at the rate of Tk 1,200 per bag. Paddy straw has to be bought at the rate of 5-6 taka per bale. In such a situation, due to the increase in the price of fuel oil, the price of cattle fodder will increase further. Besides, many farmers are forced to sell cows due to huge amount of money left with the dealer.

According to the sources of the District Livestock Department there are about 300 dairy farmers keeping more than 10 cows in the district. I suggest feeding grass clippings instead of grain. We are distributing improved varieties of grass cuttings to farmers through each Upazila Livestock Department. As grain feed is readily available, farmers feed grains to cows. They wonder how the quantity of milk will increase. They don't care about cow health.

Dairy Farmers Association President Azmal Khan said that due to the increase in the price of cow feed, increase in the price of fuel oil and the lockdown during the Corona period, we have suffered losses. Increase in fuel oil price will increase the cost of cow feed several times. We want to see rein in beef prices. If the price increases like this, the farmers will sit on the road.

District Livestock Officer Dr. Nazrul Islam said we can understand the fact that farmers are counting losses. But there is nothing we can do in this case. If the cost of production of milk increases for the farmers, they will increase the price. We are regularly advising the farmers through each upazila livestock department.