Kindergarten, Trust Assoc Merit Exam held

Published : 25 Nov 2023 08:52 PM

Munshiganj District Kindergarten and Trust Association Merit Examination-2023  was held in  Munshiganj Bahumukhi High School on Friday.

It ends at 3 pm with a break of 1 hour in the afternoon. About 450 students from 24 kindergartens of Munshiganj district participated in the merit scholarship.

Nursery to 5th class students participated in this exam. Based on the results they will be given prizes, certificates and lump sum in order of merit.

Exam Participating Students are happy to participate in the exam. Because, at such a young age of education, they have been able to participate in major events. On the other hand, the parents of the students are also happy to have their children participate in the examination. Their children have participated in such meritorious programs. On the one hand their children are getting acquainted with a new school. On the other hand, students of multiple educational institutions are developing their talent by competing with them and participating in

exams. Students are coming together and connecting with the new environment. The parents feel

that their fear and doubts are being removed by this.

Munshiganj Kindergarten and Trust Association President Md Akter Hossain said that we are all happy to accept the students in such a program. 

Heartfelt greetings and thanks to those who helped and cooperated in organizing this exam. Thanks also to all the students and their parents.

Because the parents have worked hard behind the students and the students have also worked hard to make this exam successful. Students have developed their skills by participating in this examination. 

More enthusiasm is growing among the students. Students are also encouraged especially by awarding prizes, certificates and cash. 

On the other hand, the quality of education is also increasing due to increasing interest in education. 

As many students have participated this year, we will try our best to get ore students to participate in the exam next year.