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MP Anar murder

Killers got third time lucky

Published : 25 May 2024 10:57 PM | Updated : 25 May 2024 10:57 PM

Detective Branch (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police on Saturday disclosed that the killers of parliamentarian Anwarul Azim Anar, had planned to kill him twice before.

However, the murderers succeeded in killing the ruling party leader in the third attempt.

DB chief Harun-or-Rashid made this claim while talking to a section of journalists in the capital Dhaka.

He elaborated that three attempts were made to murder Azim. The initial two attempts failed, but the third one succeeded.

"An attempt was planned before the 7 January election. Another attempt was made between 17-18 January while Azim was in Kolkata. However, this attempt failed as he was staying in a hotel, said Harun, also a DIG of Bangladesh Police.

The DB chief also said, "Their initial intention was to make Azim unconscious and make compromising images of him to extort a significant amount of money through blackmail.

"However, when he did not regain consciousness, they aborted the blackmail plan and proceeded to dispose of the body."

Shimul Bhuiyan alias Amanullah, the hitman, executed the plan after the mastermind Aktaruzzaman, known as Shaheen Mia, came back to Dhaka on May 10, Harun said.

In response to the question of why the murder took place, the DB chief said, "There may be several reasons behind the murder. Everyone involved in this murder is a member 

of the outlawed ultra-left organisation Purba Banglar Communist Party. The reason for the murder is not certain yet. It will be concluded after further investigation."

When asked about the basis of the murder, he said, "We have obtained a lot of evidence. However, we are not revealing the findings for the sake of the investigation.

"A murder case has been registered in Kolkata. In our country, there is a case of kidnapping. The CID is investigating the case in Kolkata. They have definitely found clues.

A three-member team of the DB will leave for India by Sunday morning to investigate the murder of Azim.

 I will go shortly to Kolkata for the investigation of the murder case filed there," he added.

MP Azim, who went missing in Kolkata from 14 May, was found dead in Kolkata on 22 May.

He went there on 11 May for medical treatment.