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AL lader Tipu murder

Killer Akash arrested from Bogura

Published : 27 Mar 2022 10:24 PM | Updated : 28 Mar 2022 02:07 PM

Detective Branch (of police) officials on Sunday disclosed that the key shooter of Awami League (AL) leader Zahidul Islam Tipu, was assured that all criminal cases against him would be withdrawn.

He murdered Tipu not for money, rather he wanted to be freed from all pending criminal cases, including murder cases.

According to the DB officials, arrested Masum Mohammad Akash, a professional killer, had signed a contract five days before the incident to assassinate former general secretary of Motijheel thana Awami League Zahidul Islam Tipu.

Only three days ago, he got the name whom to be killed. The day before the incident, he tried to kill Tipu in Kamalapur area in the capital, but failed. 

He did not get money for the murder. He was assured of special benefits, including the withdrawal of a few previous criminal cases.

This information was disclosed by Additional Commissioner of DMP (Detective Branch) AKM Hafeez Akter at a press conference at DMP Media Center on Sunday.

He said the name of the shooter who shot dead Zahidul Islam Tipu and Samia Afran Preeti was identified as Masum Mohammad Akash, 34. He is the son of one Mubarak Hossain of Kaishkani area of Motlab upazila of Chandpur district. He lives with his family at West Madartek in the capital. There are four cases in his name including murder in different police stations of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

The Khilgaon zonal team of DB’s Motijheel division, in collaboration with the Bogra district police, conducted a special operation and arrested him from Bogura.

The first assassination attempt was on the day before the incident.

Hafiz Akhter said that during the preliminary interrogation, shooter Akash told  that on March 23, the day before the incident, Akash followed Tipu on his way home from his restaurant in AGB Colony and prepared to shoot him, but he failed because there were so many people.

Following Tipu, he came to Shahjahanpur and killed him. 

On the day of the incident, on March 24, at around 7.30 pm, a person called Akash over phone and informed him that Tipu was staying at his restaurant. Upon receiving the news, Akash started following Tipu from Tipu's restaurant and prepared to shoot, but as Tipu was accompanied by some people, Akash could not shoot him. Then Akash again  started following Tipu's car. When the vehicle got stuck in a traffic jam on the road adjacent to Amtala before the Shahjahanpur railway line, Akash fired at Tipu, who was sitting in the driver's side seat. He confirmed Tipu's death and fled the scene.

After the incident, shooter Akash went to a safe place with the help of two friends. Later, he saw the news of the death of innocent rickshaw rider Preeti and  target Tipu through social media. Then he left for Joypurhat. He  tried to cross the border from there but he could not cross and went to Bogra. 

After the location was confirmed, Akash was arrested with the help of Bogra district police.

Asked who gave the contract to Akash, Hafiz Akhter said, "He mentioned the names of some of the people."

It was not confirmed from whom Akash received money. There might be many other issues of getting the benefit, especially withdrawal of criminal cases against him.

The DB official said, “We worked day and night. The main killer has been arrested. Now the motive could be known through investigation. Attempts are being made to find out the clue and who were behind the murder.”

He also admitted that the weapons, which were used in the murder, could not be recovered yet.

Police said, Tipu was accused and arrested in connection with the 2013 murder of Jubo League leader Reazul Haque Khan Milky, but was later relieved of the charges.

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