KiK collaborates with BGMEA to finance vaccines for RMG workers

Published : 07 Sep 2021 08:40 PM | Updated : 08 Sep 2021 12:24 AM

Renowned German clothing brand KiK has donated to purchase Covid-19 vaccines for garment workers in Bangladesh. The donation was made throughBangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) which will be forwarded to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, as the government is responsible for procuring and administration of the vaccines.

The information was provided in a press release of BGMEA sent to the media on Tuesday.

The donation has been made as a part ofKiK’s social responsibility as a long-standing partner of the garment industry in Bangladesh. In addition to sourcing garment, KiK has been involved with social projects in Bangladesh for many years and established a number of charitable organizations like schools and medical stations. 

Patrick Zahn, CEO KiK said, “Due to our many years of close cooperation, we became very aware of the impact of the Corona pandemic on the country and the garment industry in particular. People in this industry work indoors, where they are at increased risk of the infection. For me, there is no doubt that vaccination is the best protection against the Corona virus. With our donation, we want to make a contribution to ensure that people in the garment industry in Bangladesh are protected in the best possible way.”

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan praised the initiative of the German brand and said, “The garment industry serves as the most important pillar of Bangladesh’s economy. This sector has suffered tremendously from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to do so to this day. To protect the entire economy of the country, it is crucial that workers and employees in this industry are vaccinated. I would like to thank KiK for their generous donation.” The BGMEA president also mentioned that their donation would play an important role in vaccinating the garment industry workers of Bangladesh.

The government of Bangladesh launched the vaccination program for the RMG workers in July this year which is still in progress.

BGMEA has expressed sincere gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for vaccinating the garment workers on a priority basis, as they have been doing their jobs amid the pandemic to protect the economy of the country.