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Coronavirus Pandemic

Kids need special care: Experts

Published : 25 Jul 2020 09:54 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 03:10 PM

Parents grappling with an unprecedented challenge of dealing with their confined children in course of coronavirus across the country need right parenting as their children would be put in great psychological distress if parenting goes wrong.

Children and adolescents who are compelled to stay home are showing signs of both physical and mental disorders, including bad temper, anger, reluctance to food intake and overweight, experts say. 

Experts recounted that about 10 percent of the children and teenagers who are brought to them at this time or sought advice are mentally and physically ill due to long time confinement.

Children and teenagers are getting angry when their parents scold them. This is increasing the distance between parents and children and adolescents, they say.

Talking to The Bangladesh Post clinical psychologist Anisur Rahman said, “Many children are showing bad temper. Their world has become limited to just playing games on mobile-computer for entertainment.”

He said “They are also becoming physically weak due to lack of limited movement.”

He also cited that, kids need additional care this time as they are confined to home for a long period of time they have never been. Parents should mitigate their discomfort by letting them do what they prefer.

Father of a five-year old boy, Shamim Ahmed also echoed the same tone, adding, “Before corona we used to be at office this time. My boy is literally getting angry on whatever I’m or his mother is asking,” he said.

“We are facing trouble to feed him on time. As he always pushes us to go outside, it’s completely different period of parenting. We are trying to calm down him through entertainment,” he added.

Another parent wishing not to be named told this newspaper, “Many do not communicate well with their family members. Fear, anxiety, frustration and exhaustion also grip them.”

He said “My children are awake at night, sleeping during the day. They also are facing digestive problems, gaining weight due to less physical movement. I’m really worried about them,”

The World Health Organization has warned in concerning children condition around the globe,adding, “Staying at home in Corona period has a negative impact on the mental and physical development. To keep them normal, regular exercise and study should be done. Parents need to be extra cooperative with them.”

GopenKundu, pediatric neurologist at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), said “Corona is a contagious disease. Children and teenagers are being forced to stay at home. Being advised to stay at home does not mean that they have to be confined to the house all the time.”

“Children and teenagers can be taken for a walk on the roof or in open areas where there are fewer people. Many of them are becoming mentally and physically ill due to being confined in a room.”

He further highlighted that ‘Many adults in our country do not want to understand the problems of children and adolescents. They do not behave properly with kids. That's not right. Children and adolescents have more problems with corona than adults.”