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Kids now need spl attention

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Published : 24 Apr 2020 09:09 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 09:17 PM

In this lock down period, kids are not getting a chance to play, meet friends or go outside for fear of virus infection, which is something to be worried about. Experts raised the concern while asking parents to pay special attention to children in this regard. They said, as they are confined between four walls for a long time, this is likely to leave a grave psychological impact on their behavior.

On March 26, in Rajbari district, a teenage boy committed suicide by hanging himself when his parents barred him from going outside the home. In many families, children are being reactive, which experts claimed is common for being stuck at home for a long period. According to some parents, the behavior of many is becoming abnormal. Children are becoming angry or stubborn. Not even wanting to eat properly. As a result, they are finding it difficult to keep calm.

Rafikul Islam father of a ten-year-old boy from Azimpur said, “It’s hard to tell them now what not to do as all we are confined inside home. Sometimes they don’t want to talk. So, my wife tells them fables when they do not want to eat.” He also said, it’s the toughest time for parenting, I guess.

National Institute of Mental Health and Hospital (NIMH) Professor Dr Tajul Islam said, "Now children are not able to move freely, so it is normal for them to see some abnormalities." Now their behavior may change. During this time, if the parents are not able to properly care for the children, it can be a major detriment to their psyche.”

“The key solution to this is to give children a lot more time now. Younger children who play with toys with other children must play with their parents now. They have to make arrangements so that they can spend time happily.” Mentioning the harsh impact on children regarding YouTube, he indicated that this is the right time for parents to move the children away from the addiction, and towards creative things such as drawing, watching good cinema, singing etc.

Clinical Psychology consultant Dr Mahmudur Rahman talking to Bangladesh Post said, “Children's development is hindered, if parents quarrel.” As a result, children may lose patience or and not pay proper attention. Now, however, mothers can cook the child's favorite foods by teaching them these recipes, he added. He also expounded that many ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ researches have indicated the fact. Parents should spend more time with their children and take care of them prudently.