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Kidnapper Gangs Use women Accomplices

Published : 19 Apr 2019 01:54 AM | Updated : 21 Sep 2021 05:20 PM
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Organized kidnapping gangs are using beautiful and glamorous girls to trap solvent businessmen and other professionals, according to law enforcing agencies.

In the name of making love with the people they target, they earn huge amounts as ransom. They also blackmail businessmen for days on end. If demands are not properly realized, they instigate male gang members to kill the victims. 

The anti-crime elite force Rapid Action  Battalion  (RAB)  on Thursday night arrested such a gang of kidnappers from Savar, on the city’s outskirts. 

They were identified as MdAzizul Hakim, Md Liton Mollah,Kazla Begum, Md Nazrul IslamBabu and Nuru Miah alias NurIslam alias Kaka alias Mollah. also rescued the victim, identified as Md Raihan, and seized a private car that was used in the kidnapping. 

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According to  RAB  officers, Raihan was going to Savarin a private car of his close friend MdBahar from Kalabagan on the night of April 12, but at one point Bashar kept Raihan hostage in an unidentified building in Amin Bazar area. They tortured him for six days continuously and demanded Tk 10 lakh from the victim’s family after making them hear sounds of his cries.  They also threatened to kill him unless their demand was met.

At one stage of the bargaining, the victim's family members fixed Tk 5lakh for the release of Raihan.  The kidnappers first told the victim's family to keep Tk one lakh at a secret place under Mirpur Model police station on April 15.

Accordingly, Robiul Islam Muradand Hasan, two relatives of the victim kept  Tk  1  lakh at the place.  The kidnappers took away the money from the place. 

RAB  informed the media that absconding kidnapper Farid came to to the place and took away the money, but the group continued threatening to pay the remaining Tk 4 lakh. 

At one stage, RAB started working on the incident. A RAB team raidedAmin  Bazar area on April  17  and rescued victim  Raihan.  RAB  also arrested the five kidnappers and seized a private car from their possession. The arrested kidnappers, during primary interrogation, disclosed the names of absconding accused MdFarid Uddin and Md Bahar. 

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They also disclosed that the gang had kidnapped several businessmen, employees, and other professionals in the last ten years using different techniques.  One of their most applied methods of kidnapping was picking up victims under the guise of passenger-carrying private cars. 

They pick up passengers waiting for transports during the night. Some kidnappers,  who hide inside the private cars in the guise of passengers, take the victims to secret places forcibly and torture them for ransom. Another method is using beautiful, glamorous young girls to trap the male victims. 

They first open a fake Facebook account and send friend requests to the targeted persons. They later collect mobile numbers also. At one stage, they start engaging in online love with their targeted victims through chat-ting and video calling using different mobile apps.  

When the victims fall into the trap of the females,  the lady kidnappers take the targeted mento secret hideouts in the name of making love. When the victims reach the places,  some other kidnappers make them hostages and thus earn ransom by torturing them indiscriminately.

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