Kidnap: Rukmini’s dream come true experience

She was seen almost without make-up and in non-glamorous characters in her last two films Kabir (2018) and Cockpit (2017) but ‘Kidnap’, Rukmini Maitra’s next, is a dream come true experience for the pretty actress. She is excited to play a glamorous role in a film for the first time.

“It was a dream come true experience for me as I finally got the chance to do everything on screen I grew up watching,” said the actress.

Rukmini also believes giving life to the romantic scenes in ‘Kidnap’ was actually the most difficult task for her. She further insists there’s no reason to degrade 'masala films' (hardcore commercial films).

“I believe it’s much more difficult for us, the actors to prepare for the level of romance and action that people see in masala films,” she stated, adding that each film is commercial and so, it is ideal to term the mainstream films with hardcore action and romance as 'masala films'.

In Raja Chanda’s ‘Kidnap’, Rukmini Maitra, playing a photojournalist Meghna, embarks on a journey to expose a human trafficking racket, but shocking turn of events see her getting kidnapped. Meghna’s love interest, played by Dev, can go to any extent to rescue her along with other kidnapped women.

The thriller releases on June 5.