Khulna University admission test begins tomorrow

The admission test for the first year honours courses in Khulna University (KU) under 2019-20 academic session will begin tomorrow (Saturday). The examination will be held in four centres. The centres are KU main centre, KUET, Hope Polytechnique, and Rovarend Polls High School.

Admission seekers cannot carry any electronic devices or mobile phones. Meanwhile, students can bring transparent (clear) white plastic file in the exam hall. On the other hand, exam invigilator cannot carry mobile phones. On the admission day, Gollamari Bridge to Zero point all vehicles transportation will be stopped.

The admission roll number from 1 to 5184 at KU main centre, at KUET centre 5185 to 12533, Hope Politechnique 12534 to 13258 and Rovarend Polls centre 13259 to 14623 will be sit for the examination. Meanwhile, law enforcement department, RAB, investigation department will be deployed at the main centre and sub-centre examination hall.