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KFC's 'Eidi for Angels' Spreads Eid Joy to Underprivileged Kids

Published : 06 Apr 2024 04:57 PM | Updated : 06 Apr 2024 04:57 PM

To uphold the spirit of Ramadan, KFC returns with "Eidi for Angels", an initiative to light up the faces of over 300 underprivileged children who were provided with Eid dresses and treated to a delightful Iftar meal, ensuring that they could celebrate Eid with the same excitement as their more privileged peers. KFC Shopner Pathshala remains committed to its core mission of extending joy to those in need, believing that everyone deserves to experience happiness, especially during special occasions like Eid.

Reflecting on the event, Transcom Food Limited CEO, Amit Dev Thapa said, “KFC 'Eidi for Angels' was our way of giving back to society by caring for deprived children. We were excited to spread Eid joy among these underprivileged kids, believing that happiness should be shared by all. This was our small gesture to create a world filled with love and happiness for everyone, especially during the holy occasion of Ramadan.”

KFC Shopner Pathshala initiative is committed to empowering underprivileged children by offering them a comprehensive curriculum covering basic education, vocational training, health, hygiene, and creative exploration. By nurturing their talents and providing essential skills, the program aims to transform these children into valuable assets for society.

Transcom Foods Limited has been operating as the sole franchisee of KFC in Bangladesh since 2006, under the license of KFC International Holding, US.