Keshabpur farmers happy over bumper production of Aman paddy

Published : 27 Dec 2020 07:11 PM | Updated : 28 Dec 2020 07:19 PM

Aman paddy has bumper yield in Keshabpur upazila of Jashore district.  Paddy has been produced about 38 thousand 556 metric tons. About 12 crore taka of rice will be produced from this.

According to Keshabpur Upazila Agriculture Department, the target for Aman cultivation in Keshabpur Upazila in the current Aman season was 9,240 hectares of land. Cultivation has been done in 8 thousand 730 hectares of land.

Last year, the target was to cultivate 8,755 hectares of land during the Aman season. Cultivation was done in 9 thousand 240 hectares of land. Water from many beels was not drained in time due to delay in completion of river excavation work by the Water Development Board. The target of Aman cultivation has been achieved less this year than last year. The yield has been good this season due to favorable weather and availability of Aman cultivation materials.

The Keshabpur Agriculture Department says the current market value of the paddy produced is around Tk 10 crore 13 lakh. The market value of rice is about 11 crore 53 lakh  taka. Farmers are happy with the good yield and fair price of paddy.

Talking to Izzat Ali, a farmer from Pratap pur village in Keshabpur upazila said that good yield of aman paddy has been achieved in Keshabpur. Farmers will cultivate boro with double enthusiasm as they get fair price of paddy. He also said that he will cultivate boro paddy in 5 acres of land.

Amanur Rahman, a farmer from Keshabpur Bhogati Narendrapur village, said the yield of Aman paddy has been good this year due to favorable weather and availability of inputs.

The present farmers have become very busy in collecting aman paddy. Paddy collection has already been completed in about 90 percent of the land. Farmers are happy to get a fair price.

Keshabpur Upazila Agriculture Department official Mahadev Chandra Sana said that farmers have been encouraged to cultivate boro as they get bumper yield and fair price of aman during the aman season.

For boro cultivation, the government has distributed 2 kg of improved varieties of seeds free of cost to 4,000 farmers in Keshabpur. However, he demanded the Keshabpur Water Development Board to remove the cross dams of several bills and expedite the drainage.