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Keanu responds to Marvel casting rumours

Published : 23 Nov 2021 09:14 PM | Updated : 24 Nov 2021 10:56 AM

Keanu Reeves responds to fans' hopes that he'll eventually be cast in the MCU. Though Reeves has always been a popular actor, it's only been in recent years that he's seen complete career resurgence. Thanks to his now-iconic role as dog-loving hitman ‘John Wick’, Reeves has helped redefine the action genre and now stands as one of the biggest stars working today. Next month, he'll return to another major role of his in ‘The Matrix Resurrections;’ he'll once again play Neo, the onetime chosen one of the war against the machines.

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In terms of superheroes, though, Reeves hasn't fully stepped into that realm. He previously played the title character for the 2005 DC film ‘Constantine’, and he has a voice role in next year's ‘DC League of Super-Pets’. And yet, rumours have swirled for years that Reeves will someday join the MCU. Fans have pounced on the idea, backing him for roles like “Moon Knight” and “Mister Sinister”. Recently, Marvel briefly wished Reeves a happy birthday on social media, which further ignited fans' hopes that he could be cast in the ever-growing universe. 

Reeves confronted these rumours head on in a new video with Esquire. He was confronted with a slew of internet questions about his life and career, and one of them was whether he will ever join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reeves began his answer by first questioning if the MCU really is just one universe before pivoting to a response that will surely delight fans. 

Reeves' interest in joining the MCU is a good sign for the future. While it's hardly a guarantee that the actor will sign on, it does say a lot that he's as into the idea as fans are. On the Marvel side of things, MCU boss Kevin Feige said back in 2019 that he's talked to Reeves many times about a potential Marvel role. At the time, Feige acknowledged that he doesn't know for sure that it will happen, but that Marvel is interested in finding the "right way" to bring Reeves in.    -We Got This Covered

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