Kathalbari-Shimuliaroute in navigability crisis

The navigability crisis on the Kathalbari-Shimulia route has not been completely resolved. Due to this, ro-ro and dump ferries are not able to operate on the water route.

However, five-six light ferries have been plying normally through the channel for the past few days. Three K-Type, two Medium and a small ferry named Karnafuli have been plying on the route since Friday morning.

However, after the evening, all the ferry services are closed as before. Due to the long time spent with the alternative channel, it was not possible to normalize the ferry traffic through that channel.

Excavation work has been carried out in the previous channel and small ferries have been made suitable for movement. However, ro-ro and dump ferry services are closed.

The channel is not yet suitable for ro-ro and dump ferry traffic. K-type and medium ferries have been plying regularly for the last few days. As a result, there is not as much transportation pressure on the route as before.