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Kangalini Sufia has no money, food in her house

Published : 12 May 2020 09:50 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 01:38 AM

Baul empress Kangalini Sufia has no food in her house and no money to buy medicine. Trapped in Kushtia due to the coronavirus situation in the country, the artiste has been crying out for help in the media for the last few days.

Kangalini Sufia said, “I cannot explain how much I’m suffering due to poverty. A month ago I got 10 kg rice and 1 kg potatoes from Kushtia DC office. Those are finished now. There is no money to buy medicine for a month. No one even checks up on me. 

Save me. Help me buy my medicine. After a few days I might die of starvation.” Kangalini Sufia has been suffering from heart, kidney and blood pressure problems for a long time. 

The Baul empress, who was trapped in Kushtia with her daughter and her son while singing in Lalon Saiji's arena, further said, “Please pay for my medicine if not my food. I ask the government to give me something even if it is for medicine. 

I have not been able to buy medicine for a month. I hope the government will still stand by me as before.” Earlier, Kangalini Sufia had received financial support from the state and private sector. However, she wants help in this situation.