Kaliakair people form human chain against former UP member

Published : 21 Jan 2023 08:50 PM

A former UP member Badal has been accused of obstructing the road construction work in Madankhali area of Kaliakair Upazila of Gazipur. In that incident, on Friday afternoon, the local residents made a human chain and protested. Sharif Al Mamun, the current UP member of that ward filed a written complaint with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of the Upazila.

 According to local residents and complaint sources, the construction of the road from the 400 meter social cemetery to Korban Ali's house in Madankhali area was started with the funding of Boali Union Parishad of Kaliakair Upazila. Following this, the UP member Sharif Al Mamun went to the construction of the road next to the cemetery. UP member Sharif Al Mamun hired day laborers for the construction of the road. After some time, unidentified 6/7 people including former UP member Badal obstructed the construction of the road. Badal, a former member of UP, went to work on that road ignoring the obstacles. At one point they were beaten and injured. When people in the neighborhood rushed to the cries of the injured, UP member Badal left threatening to kill them. Yashin, who was injured in the incident, was rescued and treated locally. The police reached the spot and calmed down the situation. In this incident, on Friday, the residents of the area protested against the road construction work and organized a human chain against the former UP member. Sharif Al Mamun Abu, UP Member of Ward No. 2 filed a complaint with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer as a plaintiff.

Saiful Islam, Azhar Mia, Alimuddin and some local residents said that when the construction of this road is completed, the people and students of deprived villages will be able to run to school, hospital for treatment and work in the city through this road. One demand from the government is that the expressway is completed after overcoming all obstacles.

Sharif Al Mamun Abu, a member of Ward No. 2 of Boali Union Parishad, said that the development work of the government has been blocked.

So I filed a written complaint against the former UP member to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer as a plaintiff.

Sohel Molla, Incharge (Deputy Inspector) of Fulbaria Police Camp under Kaliakair Police Station, said that after receiving the information, he went to the spot and calmed down the people on both sides.

Kaliakair executive officer Tazwar Akram Sakapi Ibn Sajjad said, received a written complaint about Madankhali road. Action will be taken subject to investigation.