K’ganj police plays vital role in combating corona

Published : 09 Jul 2020 09:25 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:41 PM

Members of Kishoreganj district police have emerged as friends in this pandemic of coronavirus. They are doing their duty in the field to keep the common people at home to prevent corona infection. 

Police come forward to deal with any problems that happen to people.  If someone is in food crisis, police come forward to give food assistance. 

If someone needs medicine, police come ahead to help with medicine. In this corona catastrophe of the nation, the police are changing themselves radically, creating a different image.  

They have been friends to people. The police are proving them that they are people and the people are the police.

Kishoreganj District Police Office sources said the 21-member quick response team has a five-member medical support team. The Quick Response Team will ensure 24 hours service in 2 shifts. 

A full-time ambulance and 3 vehicles have been provided to assist the response team. Ensuring lockdown through early coordination of corona outbreak, coordination of district administration and health department, ensuring home quarantine, home quarantine of foreign returnees, providing security at all places where isolation centers were established, curbing price rise of products through market monitoring. 

They ensure social distance for barbers, cobblers, sweepers, and provide food aid to the poor. They distribute various food items including Eid lungi sari, semai, so that those in the police service can perform their duties properly. 

To this end, safety equipment is being provided, spray machines, thermal equipment, basins, disinfectants are being provided to each police station and 5 disinfection tunnels have been set up. Various medicines including zinc are being provided to the members to increase their immunity.

Police Super Mashrukur Rahman Khaled said, “We are always in the battle against corona and we can win this battle together.”