Juvenile gang criminality needs to be addressed

The growing juvenile gang culture across the country, especially in the cities need to be addressed immediately. Various juvenile gangs and their involvement in gruesome crimes like attacking people, drug trading and killing first came to light following the grisly murder of Adnan Kabir, a teenage resident of the capital's Uttara, The same group committed a few murders in 2018 also.

A few recent killings by organised teenage groups have spread shock wages among people. On July 7 last a 9th grader of Tongi in Gazipur named Shuvo Ahmed was killed by a juvenile group. Police arrested four of the gang including main accused Mridul Hasan Pappu (17) who gave some horrific information of juvenile gangs.

Generally, juvenile delinquency refers to offences or crimes committed by the children from 12 to 18 years of age range. The main reason behind the teenagers’ involvement in crimes are considered to be inadequate parental caring, poverty, urban alienation, evil companies and indiscriminate abuse of internet.

According to many local senior citizens, they become scared when these teenagers move in groups displaying arrogant body language. They also worry about their young daughters as they have to walk to schools and colleges in the locality. Seniors believe these teenagers have no parental guidance or control and almost no participation in social and cultural activities. They are tremendously hooked onto internet and bad contents. They are totally addicted to mobile phones and online. As a result they are being self-centred and devoid of social responsibilities. Besides, they are also being impressed, and sometimes recruited by the seasoned criminals.

Proper initiatives and steps should be taken immediately to stop the growing juvenile gang culture. If necessary, laws may be amended in this regard. If it can’t be stopped right now, one day this gang culture will be big crisis for the country.