JUST’s Neela to play final of SAFF Championship

Published : 17 Sep 2022 09:24 PM

For the second time after 2016, the Bangladesh National Women's Football Team has reached the final of the Women's SAFF Championship.

So far in 4 matches, Bangladesh team has given 20 goals to the opposition team, but they have not conceded even one.

Nilufa Yasmin Nila is one of those who made it possible.

Not only broke the opposition team's attack, but also regularly supplied the ball to the midfielders. Johurul Islam wrote about Nila before the final of SAFF tomorrow (September 19).

Nilufa Yasmin Nila, a girl from Thana Para in Kushtia, started playing football during her school days.

Before the national team, he has played in almost all age groups from under-14. She was also in SAFF U-18 and 19 champion teams.

 Currently studying in the first year of the Physical Education and Sports Science Department at Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST). Played as a defender in the Bangladesh national women's football team.

When asked about the SAFF final, Neela said, 'I was a member of the Bangladesh team in the SAFF Championship in 2016, but I did not get a chance to play. I was also in the 2019 SAF team. This is my 3rd participation in the SAFF Championship. I am very happy that we are in the final. We beat India in the group stage. We beat Bhutan by a big margin in the semi-finals. The final game with Nepal, we will want to make use of this opportunity. Besides, with everyone's prayers, we reached the finals. For the final, we want to pray to the people of the country that we can win the final.

When asked about her future dreams, Neela said, 'I am playing in the national team regularly. And I am not old yet. I have also played in many age groups. As the national team is a bit behind compared to our age group. My dream is to perform and take the country forward. Neela also said, "I wanted to study this subject through sports. For this purpose, I got admission to the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST). I want to complete my studies by taking forward national sports in the future. So that I can spread my achievements and sports knowledge to others. Above all, I want to move forward with both sports and studies.'

The national team from Planar camp in Kushtia district, is also contracted to Bashundhara Kings. Nila wants to move forward, wants to move the country forward.