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Jungle Owlet- new species of bird detected in Bangladesh

Published : 30 Oct 2021 09:35 PM | Updated : 31 Oct 2021 02:32 PM

Jungle Owlet- a tiny species of owl, supposed to be non-existent in Bangladesh, has been detected at the campus of RU by a group of bird-lovers of Rajshahi.

It is learnt, recently Professor Dr Saleh Reza of Zoology Department of RU alongwith bird-lover Hasnat Rony heard the call of a new variety of bird. Soon they started to search for the bird and watched it sitting on the branch of a tree. They were also able to snap some photographs of the bird. 

Watching the photographs of the bird, Ornithologists from the country and abroad recognised the bird as a new of its kind Bangladesh.

Since it is a new bird species in the country, it has no Bangla name. It is, infact, a tiny variety of owl. Its large variety (species) is still available in some parts of Bangladesh and in India. 

That large variety is known as Asian barred owlet. But, Jungle Owlet has never been seen earlier in Bangladesh. 

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According to Bird-lover Hasnat Rony, he could hear the shrill of the Jungle Owlet on 13 October early morning at the campus of RU.  Searching the bird's position, he snapped some photographs of the bird. Then he posted the picture of the bird to a group of birds and to the 'Ask IDs of Indian Birds' group. Some bird lovers identified the bird as Jungle Owlet. 

However, ornithologist Paul Thompson from England asked to watch the backside of the bird. Later, on October-22, Professor Dr Saleh Reza took a photograph of the backside of the bird and Thompson was certain to see that it was a Jungle Owlet. 

Prof Dr Monirul H Khan of Jahangirnagar H Khan and Head of the E-Bird of Bangladesh Dr Sayem U Chowdhury have also confirmed the bird is a Jungle Owlet. 

Dr Sayem U Chowdhury said it is proved for the first time that Jungle Owlet has been detected in Bangladesh. It is an unprecedented record. 

He further mentioned, an updated list of Birds of Bangladesh will be prepared after the winter where the name of Jungle Owlet will also be included.    

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