Jui back to ad arena

Robena Reza Jui, a very popular actress, acted in the role of Pritilata, one of the women in the anti-British independence movement and the first revolutionary female martyr. 

Although the play 'Biplobi Othoba Ekjon Premika’ based on Pritilata was supposed to be aired on September 23, it was not released in time due to the misconceptions based on YouTube. That is why the audience was deprived of enjoying the performance of an impeccable character played by Robena Reza Jui. 

So Jui Karim is also very upset. And in this way, the producers face financial loss as they back away from promoting many good works and the directors also become frustrated and turn away from the work. Not only that, an actor also gets frustrated and loses interest in playing a good challenging character. 

Although Jui is upset, today she is a bit happy because after three long years, Jui is working as a model in a new advertisement. In Manikganj, Jui has been working as a model in Nogod’s advertisement under the direction of Ronnie Bhowmik since this morning. 

After working in a new ad after such a long time, Jui said, “The last time I worked as a model in a detergent powder ad was under the direction of my husband, Mosharraf Karim Adnan Al Rajib. I got quite a good response for that ad. 

After three long years, I worked on a new ad again. This is Nogod’s ad. This ad is a story based ad as usual. Each ad that I've worked on as a model is basically a story based ad, which is why I like to work. I hope the viewers will also like this advertisement.”