Judicial officers asked not to use social media during work hour

The Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday asked the judicial officers not to use social networking sites in any way from 9:30 to 4:30pm. A notification signed by SC Registrar General Dr Md Zakir Hossain said on Sunday. The notification stated that a kind of addiction is created over the excessive use of social networking sites that can leave a negative impact on personal and professional life. A decision has been taken to give a guideline, recommended by the Supreme Court Special Committee for Judicial Reforms, to be followed by the judicial officers while using social networking sites.

The officers have been instructed to refrain from posting information, comments and video clips that go against national unity, hurt the sentiments of any religion. They have also been asked to remain careful about discriminatory remarks on race and gender. The official order said that the judicial officers must use social media in line with the current laws, failure to follow which will be considered “misconduct” and be subject to the Bangladesh Judicial Service Guideline-2017 and other relevant laws.