Juba League helps 600 unemployed families

Pabna District Juba League, in collaboration with Square in Pabna, distributed trees and food items to 600 more unemployed families. Each family is provided with a tree and the equivalent of 5 days’ worth of food items to help the helpless, destitute families amid the coronavirus crisis.

The food items and various species of trees were distributed among 600 working poor helpless families at Charghoshpur Government School ground in Hemayetpur Union of Pabna  Sadar Upazila on Friday morning.

Under the supervision of Pabna District Juba League convener Ali Mortuza Biswas Soni and joint convener Shibli Sadiq, district and union Juba League workers provided assistance in the relief operation. 

President of Pabna Press Club ABM Fazlur Rahman, Deputy Publicity Secretary of District Awami League Haji Sharif, former Secretary of Pabna Press Club Utpal Mirza and other leaders of local Awami League and Juba League were present at the occasion.

Amid the crisis period, the Pabna District Juba League in collaboration with Square Group, food items have been distributed to about 16,000 unemployed families in 9 unions of Sadar Upazila including Pabna Municipal Area. Trees are planted on the school grounds after the distribution of food programs.