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JU suspends certificates of 6 students linked to housewife rape

Published : 05 Feb 2024 10:50 PM

The Jahangirnagar University (JU) authorities have suspended the certificates of six students in connection with the reported incident of a raping of a housewife by a gang on the university campus.

Those six students include Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) leader Mustafizur Rahman.

Meanwhile, general students and different students' bodies have kept their movement continued protesting the gang rape incident and demanding punishment for the culprits. 

At the same time, a four-member inquiry committee has been formed to identify the culprits and recommend punishment. The committee has been instructed to submit a report with recommendations within 15 working days.

Members of the syndicate are Md. Mustafizur Rahman, a student of the 45th batch in the Department of International Affairs and Assistant to the International Relations Department; Md. Murad Hossain, Mustafa Monowar Siddiqui, Shah Poran, Md. Hasanujjaman, and Sabbir Hasan Sagar, all students of the 46th batch of the International Relations Department, and Sabbir Hasan Sagar, a student of the 47th batch of the Botany Department. 

All of them, except Shah Poran, have been prohibited from entering the campus. Additionally, Murad, Sabbir, and Mustafa Monowar

 Siddiqui have been temporarily expelled. All those involved are affiliated with Chhatra League politics.

On the other hand, in protest against this incident, teachers and students have been demonstrating in front of the new administrative building of the university for the last two days, demanding exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of the rape.

JU administration has banned the entry of all outsiders to the campus. Additionally, former students illegally residing in residential halls have been directed to vacate within the next five working days.

JU VC Professor Dr. M. Nurul Alam stated that former students illegally residing in residential halls have been directed to vacate within the next five working days. If they fail to comply with the specified date, necessary action will be taken against them according to the existing rules. Moreover, unauthorized movement of vehicles on campus, illegal occupation of shops, and entry of outsiders to the campus have been prohibited.

Mamunur Rashid Mamun, the main mastermind behind the rape incident where a husband was detained while his wife was taken to the jungle and raped skillfully, hasn't been apprehended yet by the law enforcement authorities. The allegation remains that Mamun and others raped the woman.

On Saturday night, the police arrested four individuals at Jahangirnagar University (JU) after the incident. A case was filed at Ashulia Police Station on Sunday regarding the rape. Mamunur Rashid Mamun, the main mastermind of the rape incident, has been identified as suspect number two in the case. Despite efforts by law enforcement, Mamun hasn't been arrested. However, his whereabouts have been identified, according to a source from law enforcement.

Mamunur Rashid Mamun, the mastermind, was acquainted with the victim's husband. A few days before the incident, he called the victim's husband and informed him about the crisis at Savar. If he could, he wanted to stay at their house for a few days. 

With trust, the victim's husband allowed Mamun to stay at their house for a few days. On Saturday, Mamun called the victim's husband again, stating that if he joined JU, Mustafiz, a senior, had arranged accommodation for him. 

He requested him to come to JU quickly. Upon arrival, Mustafiz would use his mobile phone to skillfully bring his wife to the campus. Then, when Mir Mosharraf Hossain would detain the husband, Mamun and others would rape the victim's wife. After that, they would help the four accused individuals escape from the campus. As soon as the incident was revealed, the police initiated an operation, leading to the arrest of the four individuals on Sunday.

Regarding the rape case, six individuals, including BCL leader Mustafizur Rahman, are on a three-day remand. Among the remanded individuals are, Sabbir Hasan, Sagar Siddique, and Hasanujjaman.

Dhaka districts additional police super (Crime and ops and Traffic North Division) Abdullah Hil Kafi told Bangladesh Post, without disclosing their names, that in connection with this incident, suspects numbers 1, 4, 5, and 6 have been apprehended. Two and three remain at large. The mastermind, Mamunur Rashid Mamun's location has been identified. He is under surveillance, and his arrest is imminent.