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JS passes over Tk 17,299cr supplementary budget for FY23

Published : 06 Jun 2023 10:01 PM

The Parliament on Tuesday passed the supplementary budget of Tk 17,299.48 crore for the fiscal 2022-23 to meet the increased expenditures under 20 different ministries and divisions for the current fiscal year ending June 30.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal placed the supplementary budget in the House on June 1 along with the national budget of FY2023-24.

 A total of Tk 6,78,064 crore was allocated in favour of 62 ministries and divisions in the budget of 2022-23 fiscal.

 In the supplementary budget, the expenditure for 20 ministries and divisions was increased by Tk 17,299.48 crore while the expenditure in 42 ministries and divisions were reduced by Taka 42,324.49 crore.

 As a result, the budget allocations for these ministries and divisions were reduced by Tk 25,025 crore and the total allocation now stands at Tk 6,60,507 crore.

 On June 6, the finance minister moved the Supplementary Budget in the House following general discussions on it.

 Different ministries, divisions and institutions sought increased amount under 20 demands for grant. Discussions, however, were held on only four cut-motions which were moved by 10 members.

 These were on the allocation of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Agriculture and Water Resources.

 These cut motions were brought by Jatiya Party MPs KaziFiroz Rashid, MujibulHuq, Fakhrul Imam, RowshanAraMannan and ShamimHaiderPatwary, Rustam Ali Farazi, Gano Forum lawmaker Mukabbir Khan and independent lawmaker Rezaul Karim Bablu.

 However, those cut-motions were rejected by voice votes.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal also placed the Appropriations Bill, 2023 seeking a budgetary allocation of Tk 1,01,254.31 crore which was passed by voice vote.

Under the supplementary budget outlay, the Agriculture Ministry got the highest allocation of Taka 9,585.42 crore while the second largest allocation earmarked for the local government division with an outlay of Taka 3,491.93 crore.

 The Financial Institutions Division got Tk 504.06 crore while the energy and mineral division Taka 32.46 crore, the food ministry Taka 2886.65crore, planning division Taka 2247.84 crore, Water Resources Ministry Taka 3359.24 crore, Housing and Public Affairs Ministry Taka 1876.52 crore, Religious Affairs Ministry Taka 1707.63 crore, 

The power division Taka 1113.41 crore, the Liberation Affairs Ministry gets 1,077.08 crore, Industries Ministry Taka 701.32 crore, Disaster Management and Relief Taka 535.08 crore,

Labour and Employment Ministry Taka 113.20crore, Women and Children Affairs Ministry Taka 112.05 crore, Information and Broadcasting Ministry Taka 276.85 crore, Cultural Affairs Ministry Taka 24.77 crore, 

Youth and Sports Ministry Taka 352.78 crore, Post and Telecommunication Division Taka 551.62 crore and Taka 62.86 crore got the Chattogram Hill Tracts Affairs Ministry. 

 Earlier, discussions were held on the supplementary budget of FY2022-23 at the House.

 Treasury bench lawmakers ShahiduzzamanSarker, Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali, Begum Wasika Ayesha Khan, Nabil Ahmed, Habibur Rahman, Jatiya Party lawmakers Fakhrul Imam and Rustam Ali, among other, took part in the discussion.