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JS passes National Identity Registration bill, 2023

Published : 13 Sep 2023 10:35 PM | Updated : 14 Sep 2023 04:54 PM

The National Identity Registration Bill, 2023, on Wednesday passed in Jatiya Sangsad on Wednesday to transfer the national identity registration operation from the Election Commission to the Security Services Division of the home ministry.

 Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan moved the bill which was unanimously passed by voice votes in the House with Deputy Speaker ShamsulHuq Tuku in the chair.

 As per the bill, the NID registration operation will be under the Security Services Division of the home ministry.

 Immediately after the birth, every national shall have the right to get a birth certificate or a unique number, which will remain unchangeable.

 The Election Commission will prepare the voter list for nationals aged above 18 years.

 If a citizen, for the purpose of obtaining a national identity card, intentionally or knowingly furnishes any false information or conceals information, the individual could be imprisoned for one year, fined up to Taka 20,000, or given both punishments, according to the bill.

 A similar punishment can be given for knowingly using more than one NID card.

 Anyone involved in the NID issue process could be jailed for up to seven years and fined Taka 1 lakh for intentionally defacing or destroying any information relating to NID cards, according to the bill.

 Any person distorting or destroying any information mentioned in the NID card for dishonest purposes would be jailed for a maximum of two years or fined Taka 40,000, or they could be given both punishments as per the bill.

 For unauthorized access to data or illegal use of data, the bill stipulates a maximum jail sentence of five years or a fine of up to Taka 50,000 or both.

 Unauthorized disclosure of information will invite similar punishment, according to the bill.

 The bill also made forging a national identity card or knowingly carrying such a card punishable by seven years in jail, Taka 1 lakh in fine, or both. Assisting such forgery was made equally punishable.

   Any person possessing or carrying the national identity card of another citizen without reasonable cause was also made punishable in the bill for one year in jail, Taka 20,000 in fine, or both.

 The EC has been conducting the national identity registration operation and 

issuing national identity cards to citizens aged 18 or above since 2007, as per the National Identity Registration Act, 2010.