JS election on January 7

We all must not let any element to foil poll

Published : 16 Nov 2023 09:37 PM

We hail the announcement of the schedule of the 12th Jatiya Sangsad (JS) elections. The announcement of the schedule is a firm step to maintain the continuation of the Constitution.

In the Article 123 (3) (Ka) of the Bangladesh Constitution, there is a clear directive to hold the JS polls within 90 days prior to the end of the current tenure of the parliament. So, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal on Wednesday announced the schedule of next JS election, saying the general poll will be held in 300 constituencies across the country on January 7, 2024. 

We wish the announcement of the schedule will be blissful one that will encourage the country’s all political parties to participate in the next general elections. So, they (political parties) will be remaining busy from the right now as their election journey begins. 

Country’s people’ expectations and aspirations have also been fulfilled following announcement of the schedule of next general elections. In democratic country like Bangladesh, where its people exercise their constitutional rights to vote and participate in the running of the state through their elected representatives, voting rights is the most important.   

In this regard, the EC’s role is very crucial to ensure smooth conduct of elections at all levels including local government polls and parliamentary election as well. The CEC Quazi Habibul Awal-led EC has conducted more than thousands of elections including 16 by-polls in the last 20 months. 

The incumbent commission has already proved that they have the capacity and acceptability to hold the national polls in a free, fair and credible manner. Before the announcement of election schedule, the commission had held talks with many political parties, intellectuals, educationists, civil society, senior journalists and election experts and listened their opinions and suggestions. 

The announcement of the 

schedule is a firm 

step to maintain the 

continuation of the Constitution

However, BNP and some other political parties repeatedly rejected the commission’s request. Ignoring the commission’s call BNP-Jamaat and some like-minded political parties are conducting arson attacks in the name of nationwide blockade. 

Of course as a political party, BNP has a right wage movement and can demand the resignation of the government in a democratic state. But the party has not been given right to burning people to death or setting fire on buses. When people are enthusiastic to franchise their voting rights in order to elect a new government through the next general elections, leaders and workers of BNP-Jamaat clique are desperate to foil the polls. The government has repeatedly expressed its clear commitment to make the upcoming parliamentary elections free, fair, impartial, participatory and peaceful.

We think the government should not allow anyone to ruin the next polls. If any element wants to obstruct the polls or creates a barrier, must be dealt severely.  

Bangladesh Awami League is a pro-election party and will take part in the polls as the party believes in election and relies on the people and their verdict. Voters now stay on the road to democracy in the coming days through exercising their voting right.

Earlier country’s people had witnessed General Zia after grabbing power illegally and violating the constitution staged the so-called “Yes-No” vote. And the military dictator also staged farcical presidential elections where record 100 percent votes were cast and after the polls. Apart from Zia, General Hussain Muhammad Ershad also did the same thing following his (Zia) footsteps. Snatching people’s constitutional rights to vote, they had unleashed reign of terror by killing and torturing leaders and activists of pro-liberation political parties and forces and nurturing war criminals, anti-liberation forces, terrorists and militants only to cling to power at any cost. Amid all odds, torture, repression, misdeeds and suppression, country’s people imbued with spirit of Liberation War continued fight to establish their constitutional rights to vote. No vested elements led by BNP -Jamaat clique, who are out to snatch the democratic and constitutional rights and play with the people’s fate to capture the state power will be allowed to play ducks and drakes with the voting rights of the people again.